Video Learning Center

Welcome to the Carpe Griseo Video Learning Center. Our goal for this section is to provide you with latest intelligence and news concerning the tax laws. Presented by our Managing Parter, Sharron Evans, the Video Learning Center our way of keeping you in the loop of new tax laws, trends and recommendations.

Bonus Depreciation

Sharron discusses new IRS Tax Laws on Bonus Depreciation and what you should be doing now to capitalize on them

529 Plans

Sharron discusses why 529 plans aren’t just for kids.

Auto for Business Use

If you use your personal car for business don’t let lazy accountants disregard this deduction. Sharron gives you tips to remember to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Debt and Form 1099-C

If you had to file for bankruptcy recently you need to listen and learn about the 1099-C form from the IRS and what you need to do about it!

Cost Segregation Studies

If you own any time of rental property this is a must watch!

IRA Myths & Tips

There is more to IRA investing than you knew. Sharron gives you the latest tips and tricks.

Medical Expenses

Learn the latest from Sharron on this important topic.


Rules on deducting meal expenses have changed. Let Sharron tell you all about it.

Office in the home

Sharron discusses the benefits of having an office in the home.

Overlooked Deductions

Sharron discusses commonly overlooked deductions.


Sharron discusses the qualified business income deduction.

Overlooked Contribution Deductions

Sharron discusses overlooked contribution deductions.

Write Off Vacation

Sharron discusses the benefits of writing off a vacation.

Working Kids

Sharron discusses working kids.